Daylighting - The Benefits of Natural Daylight

The Benefits of Natural Daylight

The Benefits of Natural Daylight

Daylight is essential. For those living in cold climates, the beneficial effect of sunlight is easy to recognize; sunny days make people happier. Research shows that suicide rates are considerably higher in countries where daylight is very limited for significant parts of the year. Research suggests that buildings with high levels of natural light are more successful than those with more artificial light. In all environments, our bodies respond better to natural light, enabling us to perform better, while passive solar gain can reduce energy costs.
Daylight is essential for sustainable urban development and is an important consideration when designing buildings and shaping cities. Making more use of daylight can help significantly reduce energy consumption in buildings.


Daylight is vital to our health. It triggers our circadian rhythms, contributing to our health and well-being. SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder is a clinically diagnosed condition in which the lack of sunlight in winter makes people feel ill. Natural light helps people to feel better and can aid the healing process. In hospitals, the recovery rate of patients is accelerated where levels of natural light are increased.


Research demonstrates a clear correlation between classrooms with good natural light and improved student performance and attendance. Children concentrate better in natural light and are more focused and less distracted. The more light, the healthier they are, with improved attendance at school.











People like bright naturally lit environments, and therefore conservatories and sunroom are so popular. People prefer leisure facilities enjoying high levels of daylight. Most sporting and recreational facilities today try to maximise natural daylight.

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As daylight improves concentration, working environments with natural light tend to achieve increased productivity. Sales tend to be better in naturally lit shops; colors are more vivid, making goods more attractive and encouraging shoppers to spend more time in these areas. Leading retail organisations include large areas of rooflights, ensuring a high percentage of evenly distributed natural light in the interior.

The Danpal Approach

At Danpal®, we believe that well-designed buildings should offer as much natural daylight as possible while still maintaining a comfortable internal environment.
Danpal systems assure balanced thermal comfort, while their translucency ensures comfortably even light diffusion.
Danpal® offers a brilliant range of daylight harnessing architectural solutions designed for building envelopes.
Danpal provides the right tools for planning the most effective light openings – by integrating appropriate products which exploit the optimal level of energy resources.