Environmental - Why we should love green buildings

Why we should love green buildings

Here are some reasons to love green buildings.

It's about connecting communities
Sustainability is all about the connectivity of community. It requires us to recognize the power of community. Through good design, we strengthen the connections between people to make safer, well maintained and spaces for the long term. Sustainability means building the kind of environments that people embrace.

It's bringing us closer to nature
Most of the time, mankind has to overcome the natural elements and find the right balance between modern comforts and nature. Sustainable architecture provides a balance between the natural and artificial environment by blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor in terms of materials and by creating more efficient spaces. Thus, people can use and control the natural elements in order to enhance their lives.

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It's comfortable
Healthy living means energy and resource conservation and efficiency, superior indoor air quality and control over thermal comfort. Having these 3 things in one place provides the ideal level of comfort.

It's cost effective
High-performing green buildings provide the best value for the taxpayer and for the general public through life cycle cost benefits and positive effects on human health.  A recent study of GSA’s 12 earliest green federal buildings shows energy use is down 26% and occupant satisfaction up 27%, compared to commercial office benchmark data.  The top third of studied buildings, which use an integrated approach, deliver even better results with 45% less energy consumption, 53% lower maintenance costs, and 39% less water use.

It's healthy
The careful use of materials can reduce energy consumption during the manufacturing process, protecting the health of occupants.  Sustainable construction techniques can lower the amount of construction waste that reaches landfills by 95% or more.
Sustainable buildings maximize the use of natural daylight. Our daily cycle takes its cues from the rising and setting of the sun. Artificial lights don’t send the right cues to keep our daily rhythms in check. The results of too much artificial light can be dramatic – poor lighting can contribute to depression (in winter), weight gain, lower productivity, and can increase the risk of other health problems.

It's happening now
In our age of high technology and mass communication we are constantly bombarded with new information. Sustainability is the happy space between our high-end gadgets and the possibilities of low-tech simple design solutions. Sustainable is now obtainable.

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Why Danpal Loves Green
A global leader in the design and manufacture of daylight systems with high thermal insulation properties and mechanical resistance, Danpal enables architects to harness natural resources in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner. Here are some reasons why:

  • Solutions which limit energy consumption: Our systems can adapt to variable climatic conditions for sensible management of available light.
  • Adapted to the HQE approach, which has defined building certification. HQE targets both the interior of the building, i.e. the health and comfort of users, as well as integration into the environment, saving resources and reducing waste.
  • Partnerships with the ADEME (Agency for Economic Development and Energy Control) and the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) using precise measurements created in test cells to validate the thermal performances of the Danpatherm system.
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • Simplified maintenance through high pressure cleaning with fresh water, with minimal soap or detergent required.
  • Recycling of off-cuts and packaging: Danpal® panels and waste are 100% recyclable. 100% of our production off-cuts are regranlulated by extrusion.
  • Low on-site fabrication and handling: In 95% of cases we deliver systems that are manufactured to size (i.e. minimizing waste by eliminating off-cuts on site).
  • Non pollutant: The Danpalon® system is certified as a non-pollutant and is suitable for use in sensitive fields such as the Agri-food sector.